When you hop in your car with your kids, fully expecting to make it to where you need to be, finding yourself stranded can be one of the most frustrating things as a driver. Thankfully, you can always count on towing services to help you out, but even having to wait a few minutes can be really difficult with antsy little ones in tow. Here are five fun things you can do with your children while you wait for the towing service (such as R & R Towing) to come to your rescue.  

1. Play a Game of 'Your Car, My Car' - Do you remember playing the game when you were little where every car that passed would belong to the next person in line who was playing the game? This can be a lot of fun for little ones, especially when a clunker or a big semi-truck rolls by, and the rules are simple enough that kids of all ages can play. Make it even more interesting for older kids by grabbing a pen and paper and keeping score. For example, red cars could be worth five points while offbeat-colored cars, like orange or green, could be worth 100, and whoever makes it to 1,000 points first will be the winner.

2. Explain to Little Ones the Excitement of Tow Trucks - You may have dealt with a two truck more times than you prefer to recall, but of your kids are small enough, just seeing a tow truck in action will be a new and exciting experience. Get them amped up for the occasion by telling them all of the interesting details about what the tow truck driver does and how they hook your vehicle up to a towing hook. They may be so excited to see the tow truck driver that they wait patiently at the window watching. 

3. Take Turns Making Up Scenarios - If your children are into stories and creative thinking, get them started on an imaginary adventure by making up creative tales about the scenarios that you could pretend o be in. Maybe you are hiding out in a cave, waiting on a superhero to save you from the monsters that are zooming by. Perhaps, you are on a safari adventure, using your handy binoculars to spy new creatures in the distance. You may get a few strange looks from passersby, but your kids will have a lot of fun and the time will go by quickly.