If you are strapped for cash and need a few extra bucks to make it through from one day to the next, you aren't alone. Many people find themselves in similar situations and fear there is no way they are going to make it. However, you might have a few things lying around that could get you the money you need quickly and easily. The next time you find yourself in search of a few bucks, turn to one of the following and walk away with some pocket cash.

Jewelry Buyers

Many people have jewelry in their jewelry box that hasn't been worn in years. It sits there collecting dust for one reason or another. If you have pieces from an old flame or something that you simply don't like the style of, take it in to one of the jewelry buyers near you and walk out with money in your hand. Not only did you clean out items you don't need, but you got the extra cash you needed.

CD, DVD and Video Game Buyers

How many times have you looked at your CDs, DVDs and video games and realized you don't even use half of them anymore? Just about everyone has something laying around that is collecting dust in their media collection. There is no time like the present to go through and make a stack of all the items you don't want or need. Once you have your pile, you can take it into the CD, DVD and video game buyer and trade it all in for cash. This also opens up the door for you to be able to add the items you really want to your collection later on, without feeling flooded with CDs or DVDs.

Used Car Buyers

While this one might not apply to everyone, there are plenty of people who have a used car at home that they were looking to sell at some point anyway. Instead of staring at it in your driveway, make a call to a used car buyer, like http://www.upicksave.com, and get rid of it. Free up space, get cash in your pocket and eliminate the hassle of having to wait for a buyer to come along and pick it up all in one swoop.

With so many different ways to make cash from items that might already be lying around your home, there is no reason why you should have to feel strapped for cash.