If you have a vehicle that is sitting around on your property collecting dust, you can sell it to a junk car buyer. However, before you sell it a junk car buyer, you will need to take a few steps.

Make Sure You Legally Own The Vehicle

The first and most important thing that you need to do is establish that you own the vehicle. Junk car buyers and scrap yards will only buy a vehicle from you if you can provide them with the title as well as identification that verifies that you are the legal owner of the car. If the vehicle is paid off, you should have the title to it. If the vehicle was on your property when you purchased it, you are going to have to go through the appropriate channels in order to obtain a title for the vehicle.

 Determine Your Price

Even though you are done with the vehicle, and don't have any more use for it, that does not mean that the vehicle does not have value. The parts inside of the vehicle can be resold, and the metal can be broken down and sold to a scrap yard. Even a vehicle that looks like a complete piece of junk may have some value.

Before you attempt to sell your vehicle, do a little research. You can use an online auto site to determine the value of your vehicle. If your vehicle can still turn on, it will be worth more than an old vehicle that doesn't even run. Determine the bottom price you will accept for your old junk car before you try to sell it.

Shop Around

You don't have to take up the first offer you get. You can call around to local scrap yards, junk yards and used car shops to see what they may potentially offer you for your vehicle. You can also call charity groups and see how much of a write-off you would get if you donate it.

The more details you can share about your vehicle, the more likely you are to get accurate quotes. Write down everything that works and doesn't work with your vehicle and share that information while you shop it around.

Drop Off The Vehicle

Once you decide on a seller, you will have to deliver the vehicle. If the vehicle still runs, that should be easy. Just arrange for someone to pick you up after you drop off the vehicle. If the vehicle does not run, you'll need to arrange for it to be towed to its new location.

Even though you consider the vehicle a piece of junk, make sure you go through the legal car selling process in your state. Sign the title over to the company or person you are selling your car to and make sure you get a bill of sales. Notify the appropriate agencies in your state that you sold your vehicle, and take it off your insurance immediately.

Selling a junk car is the same as selling a regular vehicle. You still need to shop around, find a buyer, and make sure the deal is legal. 

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