Regardless of how it happened, having a ripped seat in your car can be a frustrating problem that you will want to fix immediately. One easy way to get it done is to repair the hole yourself. Follow these steps for fixing a rip in the upholstery of your vehicle.

1. Get the Materials

The first step that you need to take is to get the materials for the repair. This will involve going to your local craft store and purchasing a special upholstery needle. This needle is different than regular needles because it has a slight curve.

You will also need to purchase special thread that is strong enough to go through upholstery and keep it together under pressure. Reinforced thread will usually be located near the upholstery needles. Finally, you are going to want to purchase a spray that is able to reduce the amount of fraying in a piece of material.

2. Thread the Needle

Next, poke one end of the reinforced thread through the eye of the needle. Pull it through so that there are at least six inches of thread hanging down from either side of the needle. Cut the thread off and tie the ends together. This double threaded needle will increase the strength of the repair.

3. Start Sewing the Tear Together

Have a friend or family member hold both sides of the tear together in order to make it easier for you to close the gap. Insert the needle near one end of the tear and thread it through to the other end. Continue going back and forth in a small "x" formation until the tear is completely sewn back together. 

4. End the Thread

Next, you're going to want to tie off the thread. To do this, make between five and ten stitches in the same spot. After the last one, create a loop in the string already attached to the upholstery. Push the needle through this loop to complete the knot. Cut off any remaining string.

4. Use the Fraying Spray

Finally, use the fraying spray. Either spray the solution directly onto the recently closed gap in your upholstery or spray the solution onto a paint brush and carefully paint the gap so that it closes. This will reduce the chances of the tear coming loose later on.

For more information, talk to an auto repair company that specializes in fixing upholstery. One company that can help you with this task is Franks Auto Top & Upholstery.