If you're currently a bit tired of your diesel car, you may consider extensive modifications to get a boost in performance from your vehicle. Typically, complete overhauls of cars are very expensive, and your return of investment depends entirely on the skill of mechanic. With that said, there are now a number of tuning boxes on the market that slot into place and give an immediate boost to your car. 

How Do Diesel Tuning Boxes Work?

The purpose of diesel tuning boxes if to adjust the ECU (engine control unit) so that optimum performance can be achieved. The tuning box does this by intercepting the signal being transmitted from the ECU to the fuel injection system.

On all diesel cars, air is drawn into the compression cylinder, which is driven down by the pressure in the air. Normally, fuel is added to this process in order to generate as much power as possible. This is a relatively inefficient process, and diesel tuning boxes aim to tackle this problem and deliver more torque to your wheels. 

How Easy Are Diesel Tuning Boxes to Install?

Diesel tuning boxes are great for your car as they don't require extensive rewiring in order to fine tune your vehicle's performance. Rather, the installation box is simply slotted in to place in order to re-tune your diesel engine for optimum performance. These boxes use the same connectors that your manufacturer designed for the car and can be used without any wires being cut. This is great, as it offers you the ability to boost your car's performance while keeping your warranty intact.

What Benefits Will I Notice?

Although there are many benefits of installing a diesel tuning box, there are two in particular that will change your overall driving experience.

The main benefit you will feel is an increase in the car's responsiveness. The accelerator will respond better to your touch, which is a consequence of increased torque at the wheels. Additionally, your car will run much smoother as well as quicker, ripping through the gears with pure ease. 

Second, your miles per gallon will undoubtedly increase. Particularly if you install a tuning box on a turbo-injected car, the benefit to you in terms of fuel economy cannot be understated. The magnitude of this depends entirely on your current model; however, as most turbo-injected vehicles have very poor fuel economy, it's likely that your cost savings on gas will be very significant.

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