One of the biggest regular expenses in the life of a truck or van owner is the inevitable tire buying, but this cost can be alleviated with the help of a process that was very popular a few decades ago but has since dropped off, even though the money-saving strategy has hardly changed: tire retreading. Getting your tires retreaded or recapped saves a lot of money per tire, and the results are so similar in the end that it takes a true expert to tell the difference, and even then the quality is identical. 

Retreading is Economical

This is the main reason why most truck owners or drivers choose to go with retreaded tires: because it makes sense from a financial standpoint. Retreaded tires can cost as little as 40% the cost of a new, or "virgin" set of tires, according to one expert. Another, less obvious economic advantage to retreading tires is the better warranty. Many retreading companies will offer a warranty on each retread, and these will often act as a supplement to the existing warranty on the tire, meaning you're covered for longer. 

Retreading is Environmentally Friendly

Retreading is up there with the most effective recycling strategies, and since it can take half a barrel of crude oil to make the rubber required for one truck tire, constantly buying new tires can really increase the size of your carbon footprint. Not only does this process use less oil, but it also keeps whole tires out of landfills, where an estimated 27 million scrap tires went in 2004 alone. 

Retreading is Safe

A common concern for many truck drivers about retreading is the myth that retreaded tires are more likely to blow out on the highway, causing damage and potential injury. However, this is simply not true, as a retreaded tire is just as safe as a brand new tire. Retreads are just as reliable as their costlier, brand new counterparts, and the only thing holding them back is the untrue myth that argues the opposite. In this case, the only difference between the two is the price. 

Tire retreading is vastly underutilized way to help lower the cost of owning a truck or large van. If you're looking to save hundreds of dollars per year or more on your tire purchases, without sacrificing anything in terms of quality or reliability, then consider getting your tires retreaded for the sake of your wallet, your planet, and your own safety. Visit a local business like Mora Chevrolet Buick for more information.