If you're like most people, having company, even for a fun celebration, can be a dreaded chore. You have to clean the house once before everyone arrives and then clean it again after the party. If you have nice furniture, you have to follow everyone around with a coaster and make sure no red wine winds up on the carpet. Give all that up next time, and host a limousine party instead.

Limousine Service Basics

Most limousine services will rent out a car and driver for virtually any occasion. You don't have to be going to any particular destination--you can just drive around and enjoy the scenery and the company of whomever you invite as guests.

You can ask your guests to meet at your home (or other location) and have the limousine meet you there, or you can pick up folks along the way.

Be sure to let the limousine company know if you have any special requests, such as playing holiday music, stopping at a specific location, or having beverages like soda or champagne on hand. You can also ask if the driver will wear something particular, like a Santa costume, tuxedo, or Hawaiian shirt.

Most limousine services can give you a flat rate if you tell them you are using it for a party. In fact some companies advertise this service around the holidays. If you are hosting, you can cover the fee, but maybe you want to split the cost between a bunch of friends or neighbors. Contact a limousine company, such as A Prestige Limousine, if you are interested in renting one for your party. 

Party Essentials

One of the most popular times to host a limousine party is at Christmas. You can play Christmas carols or even hire an a cappella group from the local college to sing live music.

Make the food easy to handle on the road, like cheese, bread, fruit, olives, nuts, finger sandwiches, made-ahead canapes, and desserts. Other food ideas include:

  • Make it a potluck, where everyone brings munchies to pass.
  • Stop at a local pizza parlor or hamburger joint for a bite.
  • Serve a party-size sub sandwich.

Don't forget to have a choice of beverages on ice, such as sodas, sparkling water, beer, and wine.

If your town has a great holiday light display or neighborhood where everyone decorates like pros, make sure to swing by and take a look. Don't forget to bring your camera to get plenty of snapshots to remember the event.

Ideas for Your Next Celebration

Christmas doesn't have to be the only time to host a limo party. Some other great occasions include:

  • Anniversary or Valentine's Day: rent a small limo for just you and your spouse/significant other and go to a romantic destination or sentimental spot.
  • Independence Day: drive to a great vantage point to watch fireworks.
  • Homecoming: tailgate in style at the stadium.
  • Birthday: instead of hosting a surprise party at home, pick up the birthday celebrant with a limo full of friends and family.
  • Work achievement: take your team out to thank them for a job well done.
  • Summer solstice: fill the car with friends and head to a great spot to watch the sunset then hit a drive-in movie.

You don't even need an occasion to throw a limousine party. If you book outside of the Christmas and wedding seasons, you can usually put something together spontaneously days or even hours ahead. Your guests have a blast, and you have no cleaning to do--that's a win-win for everyone!